Nanny's Way is a family owned and operated business located in southeast Texas. Our namesake, Doelene Jones (known as Nanny to her grandchildren) was an accomplished gardener, preserver and baker. Although she is no longer with us, she left behind her large collection of tested family recipes which we use to this day, along with recipes that we have developed ourselves.  

Due to customer requests we began to research gluten free baking, and came to a startling realization: the ingredients on store shelves today often bare little resemblance to those used by our Nanny 50 years ago. This led us to begin using many organic ingredients in our baked goods, as well as working to use only pure, natural ingredients. We also began to develop gluten free baked goods that taste as good as traditionally prepared items.

Today we operate a small Bakery & Luncheonette, specializing in desserts made from scratch, lunch offerings ranging from Salads to Comfort Foods, and a small number of preserved items including Kim Chi and Raw Sauerkraut. Gluten-free items are made weekly by special order. We also offer many Mixes for our most popular items, made with both regular and gluten free flours.